Posted by: Erik
Posted on: 23:44:51 Apr 20 2011
This? This sucks..
This was the first site I made entirely myself (Except for header image)...
And it was just to replace an ugly 404 error..
I wan't to kill myself if I see the coding..

Posted by: SorrowL
Posted on: 18:47:01 Mar 31 2011
Nice page you got here.

Posted by: andere kut zeeuw
Posted on: 17:17:16 Jan 06 2011
ik weet et

Posted by: kutzeeuw
Posted on: 12:50:30 Feb 26 2010
IK BEN HOMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by: Jeff
Posted on: 10:16:53 Sep 15 2008
Hee erik, what extra tab did you create when you got bored?

Oh, and where are the school planning and weather page? Can't seem to find them.

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